The Champions' Wheel: Euro Trip


Welcome to EuroTrip an amazing new promotion where all you have to do is play Slots, Live Casino, Fast Games, place bets on Sports, Virtual Sports and make progress, activate the wheel and win prizes. Collect 8 Blue, Orange, Grey or Green Medals of the same type you will receive a Cash Bonus up to 10.000 RON.


Start: 10.06.2024 | 12:00

End: 15.07.2024 |11:59


We listened to you, no more "Try Again", collect 20x Betcoins, and get a wheel activation.

Collect 4 Balls and you will get a fantastic 500 RON prize. 


  • x8
    Blue Medal 10000 RON
  • x8
    Orange Medal 5000 RON
  • x8
    Grey Medal 3000 RON
  • x8
    Green Medal 1000 RON
  • x4
    Ball Symbol 500 RON
  • Toto Bonus 2 RON
  • Toto Bonus 3 RON
  • Toto Bonus 5 RON
  • Toto Bonus 10 RON
  • Toto Bonus 50 RON
  • Betcoin
  • Free Spin 1 RON
  • Free Spin 2 RON
  • Free Spin 3 RON
  • Free Spin 4 RON
  • Free Spin 5 RON
  • Free Spin 10 RON
  • Sport FreeBet 2 RON
  • Sport FreeBet 4 RON
  • Sport FreeBet 5 RON
  • Sport FreeBet 10 RON
  • Sport FreeBet 25 RON
  • Free Flights Fast Game 1 RON
  • Free Flights Fast Game 2 RON
  • Free Flights Fast Game 3 RON
  • Free Flights Fast Game 4 RON
  • Free Flights Fast Game 5 RON
  • Free Flights Fast Game 10 RON
  • Bonus in Live Casino 2.5 RON
  • Bonus in Live Casino 5 RON
  • Bonus in Live Casino 10 RON
  • Bonus in Live Casino 15 RON
  • Bonus in Live Casino 20 RON




  • Art. 1 – General provisions

    1.1. The Organiser of “The Champions Wheel” Promotional Campaign is TG Malta Limited, company incorporated in Malta, registered under number 90076/2019, with headquarters in Level 3, (Suite No. 3154), Tower Business Centre, Tower Street, Swatar, Birkirkara Bkr 4013, Malta, having designated permanent establishment in Bucharest Municipality, 1st District, 2 Ion Câmpineanu Street, Romania, holder of the License to organize remote gambling number L1234057W001504, company operating the website, hereinafter the Operator/Totogaming/Organizer/Company.

    1.2. The promotional Campaign promotes the activities carried out on the platform and the services offered by TG Malta. Participation in the Promotional Campaign does not imply the payment of a participation fee by the participants, i.e., no additional expenses or any increase in the price of the product that it previously had.

    The Campaign will be conducted by the provisions of these Rules, knowledge of which and the General Terms and Conditions are binding on all participants. Participation in the Promotional Campaign implies unconditional acceptance of these Rules.

    1.3 The Organiser reserves the right to amend the Rules during the Campaign and is obliged to formally notify the public in the same manner as the initial notification. Such changes will be made public at least one day before they take effect.

    1.4 These Rules are brought to the attention of the public by posting on the Organizer's website,

    Art.2. Duration of the Promotional Campaign

    2.1. The promotional Campaign is available on the online platform of the Organizer, from the 10th of June 202412:00 (noon), until the 15th of July 2024.


    Art. 3. Conditions of participation

    3.1. The participation in the Promotional Campaign is allowed for players who registered on the platform, have successfully completed the game account verification procedure and have logged into their game account on the website. Also, to participate in the Promotional Campaign, the player must click on the "Participate" button (it is sufficient once during the Campaign period) and play in the following sections of the online platform: Casino, Live Casino, Sport, Virtual or Fast Games (see art. 3.3 for the exempted activity, which is not considered for this Campaign).

    Participation in the Campaign is possible without making any deposit to the game account.

    3.2. Each day during the Campaign will be referred to as a "Promotional Day", starting at 12:00 PM (noon) and ending at 11:59 AM the following day.

    3.3. The following games (subject to availability on the Organiser's platform at any time during the Campaign) will NOT be considered for participation in this Campaign:

  • Gaming Corps provider: all games;
  • Skywind provider: all live casino games;
  • Amusnet Interactive provider: all roulette games;
  • Evoplay provider: the Penalty Shoot-out game;
  • Galaxsys provider: Penalty game;
  • Evolution provider: Bucharest Roulette, Bucharest Auto-Roulette, First Person Roulette, First Person American Roulette, First Person Lightning Roulette, Grand Casino Roulette;
  • All Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Craps, Plinko, European Roulette games;
  • Wazdan provider: Black Horse Deluxe, Telly Reels;
  • All Sic Bo and Hi-Lo games.

  • The list of these games may be modified/complemented by the Organiser during the Campaign period, with appropriate notification to participants.

    3.4. The amount wagered with real money (using funds from the real money balance) by each user under the terms of this Promotion will be included in a special section called the "Progress Bar", which includes checkpoints that remain the same on all promotional days.

    3.5. The minimum wager amount eligible for the "Progress Bar" in Casino, Live Casino, Sports, Virtual or Quick Games is 1 RON.

    3.6. On each promotional day, until the first time the RON 500 threshold is exceeded, the following checkpoints will appear in the Progress Bar: RON 50, RON 150, RON 300, and RON 500. Once the 500 RON checkpoint is reached, subsequent checkpoints in the Progress Bar will  be set at 500 RON. At the end of each promotional day, the Progress Bar will reset to 0.

    3.7. Each checkpoint reached in the "Progress Bar" triggers an activation (spin) of "The Champions Wheel". For example, if a user places 50 bets of 1 RON each, they will reach the 50 RON threshold reflected in the "Progress Bar" and will receive a "The Champions Wheel" activation.

    3.8. If they join the promotion, the registered but unverified users will be able to accumulate activations by tapping the checkpoints in the "Progress Bar". However, they will not be able to spin the "The Champions Wheel" unless their game account is verified.

    3.9. During the Promotional Campaign, a participant can accumulate up to 1000 "The Champions Wheel" activations. The participant must first use the accumulated number of activations or part of them to obtain new activations. Afterwards, the participant can accumulate up to 1000 "The Champions Wheel" activations again.

    3.10. "The Champions Wheel" can be activated by:

  • The "Spin" button: this function allows the participant to manually spin the Wheel and see the result of prizes won after each spin.
  • The Auto Spin: This feature allows the participant to automatically spin all available Wheel activations without pressing the "Spin" button multiple times. The feature can be turned off at any time by pressing the "Stop" button, and the results of any prizes won will be displayed in the "My Winnings" section.
  • The Turbo Spin: This feature can be applied to both 'Spin' and 'Auto Spin' modes, speeding up the spin results.
  • 3.11. At the beginning of each promotional day, the "Progress Bar" is reset to 0. However, accumulated "The Champions Wheel" activations obtained from "Progress Bar" checkpoints due to bets placed will not be reset.

  • 3.12. The participant can activate "The Champions Wheel" once a day for free. The free activation of "The Champions Wheel" will be offered between 12:00 PM (noon) and 1:00 PM and can be used at any time during the respective promotional day. After the end of each promotional day, all unused free activation opportunities for that day will reset to zero.

    3.13. In addition, the participant will receive an additional daily activation of the "The Champions Wheel" for a minimum deposit of 100 RON. Activations received due to deposits accumulate and do not reset at the end of each promotional day.

    3.14. By activating the "The Champions Wheel" participants can win prizes according to the table below:

    The Type of the awarded Bonus

    Casino Free Spins

    Live Casino Cash Bonus

    Free Flight Fast Games

    Cash Bonus (referred to the purpose of this campaign as "TOTO Bonus") for Casino, Fast Games, Virtual, Live Casino, Free Bet)

    Free Bet

    Cash Bonus (8 Medals: Blue, Orange, Grey, Green)


    Free Bet (4 Balls collected)

    3.15. Won Bonuses are subject to the following conditions:

    3.15.1 The Casino Free Spin prize is only available for slot games in the Casino section specified in the "bonus details" section; (for the avoidance of doubt, not for games in the Live Casino section); must be used within 5 days of activation. The value of the prize will be determined by the RNG, according to art 3.18. The Prize can be accumulated, multiple prizes of this type can be collected and activated from the “Treasury” area.

    3.15.2. The Live Casino Cash Bonus reward is only available for the live casino games specified in the "bonus details" section; it is subject to a 10x rollover requirement, which must be met within 5 days of activation. The value of the prize will be determined by the RNG, according to art 3.18. The Prize can be accumulated, multiple prizes of this type can be collected and activated from the “Treasury” area.

    3.15.3. The Free Flights for Fast Games the prize is available for Fast Games specified in the “bonus details” section. The value of the prize will be determined by the RNG, according to art 3.18. The Prize can be accumulated, multiple prizes of this type can be collected and activated from the “Treasury” area.

    3.15.4. The TOTO Bonus is only available for games in the Casino, Fast Games, Virtual, and Live Casino sections. It is subject to a 10x rollover requirement, which must be met within 5 days of activation. To avoid doubt, this Bonus is not available for use in sports or backgammon. The value of the prize will be determined by the RNG, according to art 3.18.

    3.15.5. The Free Bet Award can only be used for single or multiple bets (minimum 3 events) with odds greater than 1.50/event. It must be used within 5 days of activation. The bonus can be used under these conditions for all sports events included in the Sports section. The value of the prize will be determined by the RNG, according to art 3.18. The Prize can be accumulated, multiple prizes of this type can be collected and activated from the “Treasury” area.

    3.15.6. The Cash Bonus prize referred to the Medals gathered: when gathering 8 blue, orange, grey or green medals of the same type, the user will receive a Cash Bonus with different values per collected Medal color, the conditions will be the same for all participants and will be specified in the "bonus details" section

    3.15.7. The Free Bet prize referred to the Balls gathered: when gathering 4 Balls the user will get a Free Bet, the conditions will be the same for all participants and will be specified in the "bonus details" section;

    3.15.8. Betcoin prize type, when gathering 20 Betcoin symbols the user will receive one activation of the Champions' Wheel.

    3.15.9. Where applicable, any other bonus rollover conditions will be announced by the Organiser when granting the relevant bonus.

    3.16. Unless otherwise specified, the bonus earned from using the "The Champions Wheel" will be available for activation for 48 hours from the time it is awarded.

    3.17. If, due to an error beyond the control of the Organiser, the participant identifies a prize visibility error, they should contact the Organiser's Customer Support department as soon as possible by the following means:

  • Live Chat;
  • By e-mail to [email protected];
  • By telephone: +4 0371 718 686;

    3.18. All prizes in the "The Champions Wheel" are randomly generated. "The Champions Wheel" is based on an automated computer process that produces verifiable random results, and the Organizer has no control over the allocation of prizes. Each spin of "The Champions Wheel" is based solely on the participant's luck.

    3.19. If the player has another active bonus at the time of the bonus award under this Campaign, the bonus can be activated but can only be used after the already active bonus has been completed.

  • 3.20. Employees, shareholders or collaborators of the Organizer, as well as their relatives/relatives up to the second degree, are not eligible to participate in this Promotional Campaign, even if they meet the conditions set out in this section.

  • 3.21. Participants whose accounts have been closed or suspended during the Promotional Campaign, including as a result of self-exclusion or timeout, lose the right to participate in the Campaign, as well as any right to bonuses.

  • Art. 4.  The Protection of Personal Data

    The participants' personal data will be processed by the Organizer only for the purpose of the promotional Campaign. All participants in the Promotional Campaign are strongly advised to consult the Organizer's Privacy Policy, available free of charge on the website.


    Art. 5. Disputes

    5.1. Any disputes arising between the Organizer and participants will be settled amicably, or if this is not possible, by the competent Romanian courts in Bucharest.

    5.2. Any complaints related to the running of the Campaign may be sent to the following address: Bucharest, District 2, Str. Mântuleasa nr. 15, Building B, 1st Floor.

    After the Campaign's end date, the Organiser will not consider any further complaints.

    5.3. The applicable law is Romanian law.

    Art. 6. Miscellaneous

    6.1. Participation in this Promotional Campaign is not allowed for minors, employees, partners of the Organizer or other persons in an interdependent relationship with the Organizer.

    6.2. The Promoter is entitled to take all necessary measures in case of fraud, abuse or any other attempts that could affect the fairness of the Promotional Campaign, the image or reputation of the Promoter or its collaborators/partners, including refusing to award prizes, deciding to disqualify participants and/or closing/restricting the game account.

    6.3. The promotional campaign may be modified. It may be interrupted/terminated before the deadline in case of force majeure or by a decision of the Organizer due to the impossibility of continuing it for reasons beyond its control.

    6.4. In the event of any of these cases, the Organizer will notify participants of the new circumstances as soon as possible on the Organizer’s website.

    6.5. The situations referred to in point 6.3 are also assimilated to court decisions and acts of the competent public authorities, impacting the Promotion Campaign.

    6.6. In the situations considered in articles 6.3. and 6.5, the Organizer has no obligation of compensation or the like to the participants.

    6.7. The General Terms and Conditions and the Terms and conditions for bonuses (specifically General provisions, respectively Cash Bonus) apply to this Promotional Campaign. 



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